Berber Tattooing

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Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas. The book of previously unpublished work, collected nearly thirty years ago is a tribute, to the art of tattoo, to tradition, to family and to love. * Back in Stock  * Allow-3 weeks delivery *


Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas

“Berber Tattooing” is a unique and tender record of the tribal skin art of Morocco’s Middle Atlas. The result of a series of chance encounters, Felix & Loretta’s Leu’s road trip in 1988, opened a doorway into the intimate world of the women of the Berber tribes. In this book, the women tell their individual stories, revealing the traditions of the tattoo in their culture, together with insights into the lives that they led.

Sensitively captured in drawings from the time, by Aia Leu, the faces of the Berber women speak of a tribal culture that was fast disappearing, even then. As tattoo artists themselves, Felix and Loretta were able to find a common ground with the Berber families, gaining unprecedented access into this sparsely documented Berber art form.

This book of previously unpublished work, collected nearly thirty years ago is a tribute, to the art of tattoo, to tradition, to family and to love.



Felix & Loretta Leu, both born in 1945, were artists, “freaks” and adventurers. From 1965, when they met in New York City, until 1978, they travelled and lived in America, Europe, North Africa, India and Nepal, and in time were accompanied by four children, who were all born “on the road”. In 1978 they discovered tattooing as an art form, one with which they could support their family anywhere in the world. In 1981 they chose to settle in Switzerland where they created “The Leu Family’s Family Iron Tattoo Studio”. Felix died of cancer in 2002. Loretta, lives in Switzerland, walks in fields and forests with her two dogs, and is writing a history of her life with Felix.

Artist & Editor

Aia Leu is an artist and was born in 1971, the daughter of Felix and Loretta and the granddaughter of artist Eva Aeppli, she was born in an old finca on the little Island of Formentera (Baleares). She lives in the mountains of Kenmare, Ireland and is currently working on a series of oil paintings for an exhibition, she recently painted the 79 tarot deck The Oracle of Change, inspired by ‘Thoth Journey’ a book by JoannaKate Grant.

Publication: 16th November 2017

Edition: 1st edition, 3rd printing 2020

Content: 144 pages

Size: 24.6 x 18.9 x 1.4 cm

Illustrations: 50 colour images, 37 pencil illustrations, 112 black & white drawings, 2 maps.

Binding: Paperback

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ISBN 978-0-9551109-5-5

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  1. corey c.

    To any one familiar with the Leu family no review should be necessary! To those unfamiliar, this book should serve as an inspiring introduction to the travels and art of this remarkable family. Highly recommended.

  2. Kenneth C.

    Priceless book. Instant prized possession.

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  4. yonatan z.

    beautifully made and so interesting to read !

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  6. Laura Y.

    Love this incredible book !

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    Beautiful publication!

  8. Tim R.

    Amazing book ! Such an interesting read and the research they put in is incredible ! The art work is so wild

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  10. Mark J.

    Beautifully illustrated treasure….. love it!

  11. Stéphane T.

    Un très beau livre retraçant un road trip avec tout ce que cela représente tant au niveau des rencontres et de la découverte.

  12. Anonymous

  13. barbara

    in love with my book!

  14. Tor Ola S.

    A great book
    Delivered quick

  15. Clive M.

    A great book documenting an epic journey. A must for Tattoo History collectors.

  16. Himanshu D.

  17. KARIM

  18. Andre C.

    wonderful book, i love it!

  19. Sarah P.

    I will always have love for the Leu Family and anything they publish.

  20. Bramwell A.

    My order went smooth and i got the book in short order!

  21. Britney G.

  22. Miriam M.

  23. Valentim T.

  24. Anonymous

    Great book

  25. Angela T.

    best book ever, thank you !!

  26. Joseph

    Thoughtfully put together book that is a must-have for any serious tattoo history enthusiast .. very personal and unique documentation with beautiful drawings and photographs

  27. Zera

    An awesome reference book, so glad they highlighted this tattooing tradition!

  28. Marie R.

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  32. Nicolas C.

    Beautiful book

  33. Amina

    So pleased with this precious book. Thank you SeedPress Publications!

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  35. Anonymous

    Beautiful book! Thank you

  36. Mischa S.

  37. Adam C.

    Ordered the book after seeing it on a tattoo blog. The Leu family put all their passion into this book. Very interesting look into a relatively unknown region of the world. The designs and pictures are drawn beautifully. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something out of the ordinary. Can’t wait to get the other Leu family book.

  38. Emmanuelle B.

    Great work, makes me want to travel a lot. Thank you

  39. Anonymous

    Best book i ever got!!!!

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    Great book!

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    Never got my order

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  49. Simone Larabi

    Quick service, nicely packed, beautiful book with a lot of illustrations, in love with it!

  50. Anonymous

    Fabulous book! A real treasure, filled with sketches and photos which accompany the amazing story of a remarkable family. Get this book if you can!

  51. Nicos M.

    Masterpiece book…
    Absolutely Beautiful !!!!!
    Worth every single lifemoments + superb traditional tattoos ….
    The story is really so alive…
    I felt I was leaving with them and feeling every single moment…
    Worth the world !!!

  52. Damien

    Really a beautiful book. Normally reprint for end of February, and finally for end of January. A nice news and real gift for my brother. Me and bro are very happy 🙂 thanks a lot

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    I just wanted to thank you all for sharing this marvelous experience. The book is beautiful

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    Amazing book!!!!!!

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    Loved the book

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    I love this book!

  57. MARIE G.

    A true piece of art and beautiful display of knowledge. Thank you so much to the Leu Family and Seedpress <3

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  59. Ghizlane M.

    The book is awesome! So many drawings and so many stories. Can’t recommand it more!

  60. Abdellah Q.

    Perfection, well written and the design are amazing. Full of story and touching

  61. Fraser

    a beautiful book with so many incredible illustrations and stories

  62. Jesse

    what a phenomenal book! worth every cent!

  63. Thorsten M.

    Fast delivery, was pleasantly surprised. My friend is deeply grateful to have such a book, she comes from Kabylia in Algeria and the tattoos of the older women and men are very similar to the pictures in the book, sometimes the same. A big praise and thanks to those who wrote the book. She also finds it very important not to forget the ancestors and to hold them in honor. Many thanks again for this and your great commitment.

  64. Björn

    Very interesting book. Something in between a travel log and a percise documentation of these wonderful berber tattoos.

  65. David Nathaniel S.

    I love this book and the people who made it. Folks in seedpress were kind, patient and considering with possible issues regarding delivery. Wish you all the best, thank you again. 🙂

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    Great book.

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    Super nice book and experience in purchasing, receiving and unpacking. Have only had time to open and eye through the book but I love the quality and content so far.

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    Great book with beatiful illustrations and fast international shipping. Makes you want to get one of the tattoos!

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    A beautiful book, I feel honoured and really lucky to be able to read about the authors’ experience and learn about all this wonderful knowledge and magic.

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