The Art of The Leu Family

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The Art of the Leu Family

This book illustrates the work of a creative family of artists and musicians from Switzerland, spanning the years 1953 to the present. Eva Aeppli the first wife of Jean Tinguely, was the artistic pioneer of the family. Her children are Felix Leu and Miriam Tinguely.
Felix with Loretta Leu travelled the world and raised a family of four children; Filip, Ama, Aia & Ajja, many of them artists who with their partners work in a wide variety of styles. Felix and Loretta went on to found, with Filip; the Leu Family’s Family Iron Tattoo Studio & Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1982.
The book is divided into chapters with a selection from each artist. Sculture from Eva Aeppli’s life work, psychedelic drawings from the mind of Felix Leu aka Don Feliz, the mandala art of Loretta Leu Y Maria, delicate works from Miriam Tinguely, surrealism and psychedelia paintings of Filip Leu, sensual oils of Titine K-Leu, landscape paintings from Aia Leu, poetic works of Tanina Munchkina, digital worlds of Ajja S.F. Leu and by other members of the family.


Aia Leu works from her studio, she moved to Kenmare in Ireland in 1989 and lives near the town in the mountains. Born in 1971, she studied figure sketching in Vevey, Switzerland as a teenager. Her paternal grandmother is the Swiss artist Eva Aeppli. Aia’s work draws directly from her multicultural and bohemian upbringing. Her work is particularly influenced by both her years spent as a child in India, and the richness of the Irish landscape.

Her work is in private collections worldwide, she has had solo shows and contributed to group shows internationally. Recently her work was on exhibit as a part of ‘Leu Family Art’ at the Museum Tinguely Basel in Switzerland in 2021.

Paintings currently for sale by Aia Leu can be viewed here.

Content 192 pages

Size 28 x 24 cm

Illustrations 152 colour images, 38 black & white images

Binding Paperback, cover with flaps

Published 22 Dec 2012

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ISBN 978-0-9551109-2-4

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