Hemp Buildings: 50 International Case Studies

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NEW BOOK – A comprehensive overview of projects that showcase the use of hemp-based materials * note: orders take 3 weeks shipping*

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Hemp Buildings: 50 International Case Studies

A comprehensive overview of 50 projects this latest book from author and hemp expert, Steve Allin, draws on architectural examples of every kind to showcase the vast range of possibilities available when using hemp-based materials for construction. Since the 1980’s, this unique material together with the systems that have developed from it has provided vital pointers to how buildings can become more energy efficient. Through lowering carbon emissions and promoting a healthier environment, hemp has a clear role to play in providing innovative solutions that lead us forward into a cleaner and more sustainable future.
In compiling this book, Allin focuses on a variety of projects with diverse economic, cultural, climactic and geographical backdrops, all of which include the use of hempcrete and hemp fibre insulation. He outlines how and where the various materials for each project were sourced, as well as the stunning range of finishes that can be and were achieved. Explaining the approaches chosen by each client, designer and builder, the book containing over three hundred and fifty colour photographs, tells the story of builds from all over the world. The constructions range from medieval building renovations through to modern industrial designs; and whether it is an entire housing development in England or a new home built for a poverty stricken widow in Nepal, included with each example is not only the necessary technical information, but also the very real human story behind each one.

Steve Allin is an author, teacher and consultant on ecological building. He has enthusiastically pioneered the use of hemp in building internationally for many years and has also contributed articles to a variety of publications from the Green Building Bible to Irish Tech News. The founding director of the International Hemp Building Association (IHBA) he continues to advise, educate and lecture worldwide on the subject of hemp building.

Foreword by Kehrt Reyher
Content  216 pages
Size  245 x 230 mm
Illustrations  350 colour illustrations
Binding  Paperback, cover with flaps
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Published 19 Dec 2021 ( orders shipped March 2022 )
ISBN 978-0-9551109-7-9

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1 review for Hemp Buildings: 50 International Case Studies

  1. Robert Smith

    This is a great book, detailed, really interesting and great examples. An inspiration to builders everywhere. Pushing it on my brickie son to start educating him about buildings of the future (even though it’s been around for milennia!)
    Love it! Thanks!

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