Thoth Journey Tarot Deck – Aquarius Edition.


An original hand-painted deck, rooted in astrological lore; from the liminal spaces where magic meets art. Aquarius Edition.

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Thoth Journey Tarot – An Oracle for Change. Aquarius edition.
Brought to you by Artist: Aia Leu and Astrologer: Joanna-Kate Grant 

An art project in the old traditional style, it represents years of painstaking work done by humans. The combination of art and story invites the reader to invoke the richness of their own creative wisdom; to light their own way home. Particularly relevant for Shadow Work and exploring themes of transformation and change, Joanna’s meticulous intuitive exploration of the 78 cards of the Crowley/Harris Thoth Tarot was her way of making sense of a series of catastrophic life events. Drawing on her 30 years of esoteric knowledge, the visions she found within the cards eventually flowered into the book “Thoth Journey”.

The dream-like narratives she portrays provided the inspiration for the 80 intuitive paintings with which Aia interpreted each story. Free to choose whichever scene within the story that spoke to her, her translucent, flowing style and generous use of colour provide the perfect visual pairing to authors fertile and luxuriant narrative. In 2021, The deck was nominated in the CARTA International Cartomancy Awards which are given yearly by the International Tarot Foundation and was placed in three categories: 2nd runner up in Best Tarot Deck 2021, Best Guide Book 2021 and Best Self-Published Deck 2021.

The Cards:

  • The size of the cards is 70 mm (2.75 inches) wide and 117 mm (4.60 inches) tall.
  • The 79 card deck consists of 22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana and the extra card “Malachi”, plus an extra Magus card. The Minor Arcana are broken into four suits: fire (wands), water (cups), earth (pentacles), and air (swords).
  • The card material is 350g white core paper as opposed to the black core paper that we chose previously. We hope this will give a slightly less flexible feel. There is full colour printing on both sides.
  • Note: Unlike the 1st Edition, the cards in the Aquarius Edition are not gilded.

  What is Inside the Box ? 

  • The new, smaller, sturdy rigid box is 120 mm (4.75 inches) long, 78 mm (3.2 inches) wide and 47 mm (1.75 inches) deep and has a 2/3 lid style.
  • The surface of the box is printed in full colour and has a soft matt laminated finish.
  • The interior of the box is finished in colour.
  • The box contains the Thoth Journey Tarot – Aquarius Edition, a 80 card deck along with a perfect bound guide book containing a wealth of occult knowledge. Brief intuitive meanings for each individual card are laid out next to the card image, together with astrological, seasonal and kabbalah correspondances, information on the deck and how to use it. The guide book has a colour cover with black and white printing inside and consists of 176 pages; it measures 118 mm (4.75 inches) x 76 mm (3 inches).

Note: To order Thoth Journey, Large Format Book. Please click here.

A few of the wonderful reviews written about the 1st edition of Thoth Journey: The Oracle of Change .

William Hughes – March 28, 2021

A well thought out and executed variant to the traditional Thoth. I particularly like the borderless design with the gilded edging. The artwork provides almost an oracular dream feel that inspires insight. The cards are easy to manage and the accompanying full size color illustrated handbook is rich in content consistent with encouraging the readers state while bonding with the cards. A real value for the price. The deck will launch the practical reader into a unique journey as well as gratify a collectors passion for something unique.

Mariya G. – March 31, 2021

I really enjoy the production quality of this card set. It’s exceptional – sturdy box, amazing card-stock, metallic (not the traditional glossy) gold gilding, great book with plenty of info. I’m just in the beginning of learning the Thoth system, but so far I loved the approach to cards’ description. I want to emphasize the art in this deck. I’m a big fan of watercolors and I’m happy to add such a beautiful piece to my collection.

Stephanie A. – June 9, 2021

The art and journey this deck provides is something from between the worlds, the spaces that occupy art, philosophy, psychology and love. Totally recommend for all lovers of cartomancy and the divine.

Natalie R. – March 29, 2021

I ordered these a few months ago, they were very well packaged. I love the artwork on the cards. The cards are easy to handle & i love the feel of them. The book it comes with gives you a short story & description of the cards. Lovely book, beautifully illustrated & i also love the stories and their summary. I use them allot as life advice card or in their own right in my tarot readings so im very happy with the purchase & highly recommend using them.

Nancy B. – July 10, 2021

 I love the art in this deck. I’m new to Thoth so still trying to make connections to meanings, but the art and great card stock and book make it a pleasure to work with

About the Author

Joanna Grant has been an astrologer for nearly 40 years. Weaving her knowledge of the stars with intuitive tarot techniques, she crafts highly personalised guidance for clients who are often negotiating complex life transitions. In recent years she has rejuvenated her approach through the study of Horary Astrology, finding that the traditional techniques of the ancients have helped her to interpret her knowledge in a whole new way. Considering the uncertainty that we face in todays world, she considers that the integrity of this ancient tradition is an essential tool in giving her clients the guidance they seek. Joanna Grant. DF Astrol.S. STA DipH.

About the Artist

Aia Leu is a fine artist who loves to paint with oil and watercolour. Her interest in the Zodiac began as a child, inspired by her Swiss grandmother Eva Aeppli’s “ e Cycle of the Planets”, a series of sculpted textile heads. Aia’s work draws directly from her multicultural upbringing and has been particularly influenced by the natural landscape. Her paintings for the Thoth Journey Tarot express the breadth of this inspiration, and within the images, we glimpse the diversity of the Indian subcontinent, the drama of the Swiss Alps and the so , gentle light of Ireland, where she now lives. Her time is spent in her art studio, in the mountains near Kenmare in County Kerry, painting and working on book projects. Aia Leu. Artist

Booklet Content: Thoth Journey Tarot – An oracle for change. Aquarius Edition.
Size: 118 x 76 mm, 176 pages.
Illustrations: 80 black and white illustrations.
Binding: Paperback, perfect binding.
Deck Content: 80 cards, 11.7 x 7 cm, 350gsm white core paper.
Box Set: Rigid box with 2/3 lid, size 120 x 78 x 47 mm.
Publication: 24 march 2023.
Edition: 2nd edition.
Recommended Retail Price: € 60
ISBN 978-1-8382158-1-1

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